Monday, May 10, 2010

hey gals. just sitting here at my parents' house "working on an application," and between fielding calls from the brick about special sales i can't imagine anyone gives a shit about, and fielding calls from the ontario federation for cerebral palsy about selling my mom garbage bags/picking up old clothes (what is it that they DO over there at the OFCP?), i happened upon these:

now, my dad is kind of famous around these parts for buying weird shit (eg. antelope horn light fixture that only works on south africa's power grid, led zeppelinesque paintings that make me think he still smokes a lot of pot, motion-sensing garbage cans, etc) but i have a couple of questions about these nelly placemats (??). question the first is "dad, do you know who nelly is?" (which depending on the answer could result in a lot more questions), the second is "were these promotional materials for the release of nelly's 2002 shitshow nellyville, the only decent song on which is, i guess, air force ones?". i guess mostly all the questions are just "why?"

how are you guys doing?


Lauren said...

sorry forgot to mention the ja rule

B. Ilievska said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck i'm losing my mind

Anonymous said...

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