Friday, April 30, 2010

sitting infront of a frey wille creepin' people out

hey buds, just thought i'd holler at you all from what is my 18th hour of the trip home! only another 13 until i get to toronto and then another 1 1/2 until i get back to the sweet pete, whereupon i will scrub off 18 layers of dead skin, drink a beer, and flop into my sweet sweet bed where i dont have to worry about my mom rolling over and spooning me in her sleep, or just plain watching me in the dark. so troy got a blog eh? miss u pal!

picked up a copy of the gentlewoman, the lady equivalent of fantastic male. too much futura font, actually looks like a sparse 70s/80s flower catalogue which is a cool aesthetic but i was pained to realize all i want is a layout heavy with hot pink, exclamation points, skanky tips for broads, and shit you can buy :/

anyways, also i know i make this trip every year, but this time i mean it, i'm really changed guys, next time you see me (at maz) i will only speak in yoda-esque inverted sentences and keep my hands clasped in humble prayer at all times. this post isnt really about anything, but let me tell you guys, last week i watched Wild Hogs, and boy! what a big movie with a little heart. When I saw Marisa Tomei was in it I asked my brother "i wonder whose longsuffering girlfriend she'll play" and turns out it's William H. Macy's. p.s. what was WHM thinking.