Friday, July 24, 2009

All is fair in love and Prong

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up that this item wont be on the auction block much longer. I took myself off the market ever since purchasing a Prong North American (Not Available?) 1992 Tour that boasted stops in both the mont' and the 'saug. I bought this shirt new from Moondance records, and two washes later it still smells like cigarettes and nag champa.
Anyways, for the Prong fan with cans:

Monday, July 13, 2009


credit: evan millar has patent on emotions camera.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Why is Googles default graphic today the Tesla Coil or Are They Just Trying To Send Me A Message

Hey Scros :) We don't really often talk about style here, or personal style. I like to think I have a certain unique way of dressing, but really, I'm too poor/mentally checked out to pull off any next leveldom. I'm always aspiring and constantly revising what being female nick cave entails, especially after meeting him in 2008. By no accident we shared a sleazy excess of gold jewellery, and immodestly unbuttoned shirts, but the man was tanner than me, and was clearly tailored, and had some manner of clunky wooden talisman which clowned everything I was reaching towards.
Most would advise me to look to his slammin wife, Vivian Westwood muse(I saw a pair of VW wacky heels in Skopje for 4500 denars and the coupling of those two unlikely things broke my skull comp), Susie Bick.
So whatever I guess she has a few things going for her, black hair, lifelike Nick Cave purse, sheer animal print but it's too easy. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe I need to see if she's wearing patent leather men's loafers?

Also, ever since watching Pretty in Pink in highschool, I've really been into how 80's preps dressed. Just tennis whites and sherbert colors and soft cigarette packs. It's like Hey Asshole, stop looking so cool

I just need to find a way to reconcile these looks and as relucant as I am to admit it, the liklihood of it just being Australian Outback khaki/Heart of Darkness S/S 2010 is high, with a chance of nice.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

flyin' air bud

hi h8rs, here are some screen caps, of some jokular stuff i stumbled upon

Saturday, July 4, 2009

dear anonymous ma'am

i'm just writing to "see how you're doing?" don't worry, i'll refrain from using names -- i know how sensitive you are and that mentioning your name might make you feel embarrassed. anyway, i just wanted to say that it must be very hard for you in my absence. i mean, you're literally left with nobody to let you call them. i bet you miss the way that i ask you to call me -- it probably makes you feel special -- and always hang up first. keep them wanting more. i wonder how you're passing your time? "hittin' the blog", "tweetin'", "staring at the phone", "checking new notifications". do you consider each blog post like a "little friend"? do you ever wish that they could write back? i bet you've thought of it since i've been gone. when other people post on the blog, does it feel like you're at the "hottest house party"? well, gotta get back to my busy international schedule. just wanted to say "i hope you're okay" and don't worry, i'll be home soon and will have literally weeks of interesting things to tell you, which you can feel free to reuse with your "little friends". something tells me they're "great listeners"!

take care and you're welcome for maintaining your anonymity!


oh so it's 'los soft boys'.