Saturday, January 10, 2009

the tudors

hey guys, just been watching the shit out of showtime's latest swing and hit, the tudors. no pictures until i spool through episode one or two to screen cap His Majesty jonathan rhys meyers get bent like beckham (ORALLY) by mary boleyn
actually quote, "what graces have you picked up from french court". anyways, this show is a great sexy way to learn approximate history, and once i've plowed through it like so many heretics plowed their way to lutheranism and so many court musicians get plowed by their lords i'll start over with Rome, which Lee assures me also rules.

my mom made the cutest lil bun things tonight so i scarfed 'em, and then deigned to be the kind of broad who takes her meals with wine white wine, even! and yeah, then i fell asleep