Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cool thread

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Havin' Myself a Friday #1

i've decided that every now and then i will have a segment within this blog called "havin' myself a friday". i will not, however, always be writing this on a friday - this column will simply outline great things to do that always make me feel like i'm havin' myself a friday. a real friday. even if it's a tuesday morning.

the combination of an icy delicious beer and a hot, hot shower makes me feel like one million dollars. it's a cure-all. had a rough day? toss back a boréale in the bath. fight with your lifepartner? showerbrau will fix it. even if you're an orange cat on a monday and the post office returned the nermal package you sent to abu dhabi, having a stella artois while you're washing your hair will have you feeling like the strong, independent female protagonist in a romantic comedy. any way you swing it, the hot shower/cold beer combination will give you the strength to grab life by the balls and say "I AM ALIVE!"

Friday, November 7, 2008

recently single female seeks lackluster relationship

oh hi there,

single gal here, recently out of a relationship and looking for something new.

you should be comfortable with discussions of my previous relationship, namely me listing the reasons i believe that passion-filled relationships are overrated and how i much prefer your insatiable appetite for honesty and stability. must be comfortable with me frequently referring to you as "my strength". your flaccid sense of humour can be supplemented with a rock hard commitment to me; you know what they say, it's the motion of devotion. please have a propensity for describing all of my obnoxious qualities as "cute". listening stamina of a 21 year old man a definite bonus.

on my end, i will be sure to inform you often enough that you have the hugest personality of anybody i have been with. i'd also be happy to stroke your ego whenever you need.

is this you?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

baby give me that ooh ooh

Hey guys! Just dropping a note acknowledging the vast mystical cloud hanging over us whenever we're all in the same city sans mansa because she was always the heart or the brains beating remotely holding down the jokes in a dif area code.

This morning I am just drinking a dunkin' donuts large coffee fucking around before work listening to "ignition" sooo quietly coming out of my laptop speakers.

so uh here's (a contested) Park Ji Sung singing "Touch My Body"

this is the number one easiest way to stun a brain.