Sunday, August 10, 2008

high-strung in hamilton

tonight, in an attempt to distract myself from my overwhelming concern that intruders would climb up through my third floor window for the express purpose of maiming me, i spent about two hours on google image search. i spent a third hour to distract myself from the general feeling of piece-of-shitness, as apparently even pre-teen suburban hamiltonians have day jobs that require business casual suits, and justify their get-your-shit-together stare while i sit in front of a second cup, drinking iced coffee at two pm, visibly hungover. notable searches:

1. spirit animals (thanks, libby)

2. the future (looks pretty good)

3. aging

other surprisingly unfruitful searches:
-funny jokes

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

oh, hi. didn't see you there.

i'm really overdue for a first entry in this. shit, sorry women.
my name is libby.

to give you a brief description of my being;
-i honestly believe that my 40 pound pet corgi is also my spirit animal, for the following reasons: she sleeps with her head wedged in the air conditioning vent, loves cereal, hates children.
-i kind of dislike any temperature above 17°C
-saying that i would "describe my being" simultaneously gave me goosebumps and douche chills

my bad habits include the overapplication of lip balm, reading blogs about fonts, picking at my skin, and repeating what people say immediately after they finish speaking.

i'm also a leo.

go forth and magish